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"Let me tell you a story about the man who saved my life. He changed my life and he will change the world!!


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one piece favourites: usopp’s character development

Prior to the two year time leap Usopp was prone to lies and a cowardice which stemmed from insecurity and fear. His doubts built up inside him over time and eventually exploded during the Water 7 arc, when he was faced with Luffy’s decision to move on to a stronger ship. Though he possessed an unfailing ability to push back his fear and stand up for his friends in dire situations, and though he had experienced victories in the past, his far stronger uncertainties and his inability to keep Merry seaworthy through amateur repairs caused him to leave the crew, sure that they would be better off without him. Still wanting to support his friends, Usopp took on the persona of Sogeking and battled in “secret” in the confrontation against CP9 at Enies Lobby. On returning to Water 7 Usopp realised just in time the mistake he’d made in leaving the crew and begged to join them again. Luffy welcomed him with open arms and they traveled to Thriller Bark, where Usopp faced the ghost princess Perona. It turned out that he alone was immune to her Negative Hollows, a feat which even Monster Trio members Zoro and Luffy could not achieve. After the crew was separated on Sabaody Archipelago Usopp was sent to an island swarming with massive beasts. There he learned of Ace’s death and, knowing that Luffy needed him, attempted to escape, facing the beasts without a hint of his usual fear. After training on the island for two years he reunited with the crew at Sabaody, assuring Nami that he was no longer the ‘weakling’ he had once been. During this time apart Usopp had grown taller, stronger, and more sure of himself. Though he still lies occassionally, and uses old excuses, Usopp has come a long, long way since his first appearance.

Kamui Senketsu Life Fiber Synchronize v. Kamui Junketsu Life Fiber Override

Kill la Kill (2013)

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"Gravity Falls" is rated TV-Y7 and is designed for children 7 or older.


Brook’s dedication to Luffy is something that will never fail to come along and dump a heap of feels over me at any given moment.


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  • One Piece 3D2Y Special Section 
  • New Characters: Bandy World, ByoJack, Gairam, Sebastian, Naichin and Luffy, Boa Hancock 
  • new images luffy 
  • art by Eiichiro Oda

[ONE PIECE] Movie 3D2Y


[ONE PIECE] Movie 3D2Y